Warning Symbol We are currently experiencing very high loads through your increased interest in securing Matterport Spaces the right way! While we love this fact we are currently running our pre-beta Product in a very constrained Test-Environment. Thus you should not expect our service to hang, have low quality or suffer from other pre-beta symptons. Once launched we'll provide you with a seamles experience. We are happy to hear your thoughts - please reach out to info@secure-spaces.com for any questions!

Securely share your Matterport Spaces

Take over control on who can view your Content

Access control for your Matterport Spaces


Password protection & one-time links

Create password protected Member Areas for your Spaces and get insightful reports on how your clients are using them. Don't like Passwords? We have one-time links to your spaces, you can share them and they expire after one visit or a certain amount of time.


Nobody can steal it!

Your Matterport spaces are securely protected by our Virtual Space Enclave, the Viewer only get's to see your model, while we keep your secret Matterport ID's.


Paywalls made easy

Ever wanted to sell a virtual entry ticket to your space? Paywalls are a great way for Museums and Art Galleries to broaden their audience and enable worldwide access to their exhibitions and increase their ticket sales.


Live Presentation

Ever wanted to present your model remotely? Our Virtual Space Enclave let's you do a virtual walk-through in sync with your clients

Here's a secure space - try to hack it!


How it works

Submit your first space for free & share via one-time-links or your personal password protected site

Submit your space details and security settings
Create your personal Domain
Share your space and get regular visitor reports

Create your first space

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Frequently asked questions

How is this secure?
Our Virtual Space Enclave keeps your Space ID encrypted and only displays the model to the viewer. That way an attacker does never see the origin of your Matterport Space.
What is a one-time link
One time links let you share your space only one time. When opening the link a second time only your contact information will be shown.
What are Live Presentations good for?
A live presentation let's you walk through a Matterport Space together with a remote client. Once your client and you visit your private space, you both see the same tour in sync. You can talk to and navigate your client through rooms and have a virtual walkthrough.
What will my Domain look like?
With the starter package you will get a free domain that hosts all your spaces that looks like your-company.secure-spaces.com
I have a different request!
We can help you: email us.